How to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Do you know ways on how to get rid of termites naturally? Have you ever known that termites are very dangerous?

They are such kind of pests that are very destructive when they infest your homestead.  

Many of us have been assuming them up to the time you see the repercussions is when you can notice that they were these unnoticeable pests.

What Are Termites?

These are small bodied pests that normally live in colonies. Their habitat is mostly within a mound of cemented earth. At many times they feed on wood and can turn out to be highly destructive to trees and timber. If not dealt with early they can make the whole tree to fall with time.

Types of Termites

They are of different types depending on where they live. They include:

  • Drywood termites: they are found in wood that is dry. The hardwood floors and timber are very comfortable areas for these kind of termites.
  • Dampwood termites: they are found in wood that has high moisture content level. Mostly found in homes where the items made from timber are placed in moist places. It can be the kitchen table or bathroom hooks that are made from timber.
  • Subterranean Termites: they live in soil and very destructive. They are normally connected through structures that are made from timber and trees. They cause destruction at a faster rate compared to other types of termites.
  • Conehead termites: they are found anywhere. They eat dead trees, shrubs, grass, pieces of paper, cardboard and other wooden structures they can access.
  • Formosan termites: it is from the family of subterranean termites and is very difficult to control once they invest a structure. You can contact North Fulton Pest Solutions for termites control in your home.

Signs of Termites

  • Hollow wood: the solid wood turns out to be hollow and you will know that termites have infested it. If the floor is made from wood you will hear some sound when you step on it then you need to check and control them.
  • Presence of wings: at some places you may see the wings. Termites have wings and they tend to twist them to be removed when they think that they are no longer useful to them. When you see wings of the same size take a keen look at the area in order to know if they have infested the area.
  • Tube-like structures made from mud: in case you see such structures either on the wall or on ground leading to your house you need to keenly look at it may the termites are relocating and an immediate action should be taken.
  • Mound of dark brown pellets: these are the wastes from the termites. In case you see them then try to keenly observe where they have inhabited before they cause destruction to your structures made from timber or your favorite trees.

What Kills Termites?

There are various ways in which termites can be killed. They include: use of chemicals such as: permethrin dust, using trap methods such as: termite baits and cardboard trap methods. Some natural methods can also be used to kill termites. You can read my article about affordable termite control plans.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Termites

  • Avoiding moist areas near your structures made from wood.
  • Expose the structures to sunlight.
  • Extreme heat and extreme cold to the structures.
  • Using a trap.
  • Use nematodes: these are kind of organisms that fed on termites hence they can do away with them.

If you have been experiencing this problem, this information will help you know the type of termite that has been causing destruction in your home and choose the right way to control